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Hoops and Yoyo

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I never realized that there is design in cards. I always took it for granted that they were always there for every occasion. This card is very simple and I can now understand what it takes to make something like this and I can fully appreciate it. I love the design and the colors and how the background looks behind the characters.


Inspirational Pagination

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DENIS designs

This website is full of great examples of page layout for magazines. With Indesign, I am able to fully understand and appreciate the work it takes to create a visually pleasing page layout while also incorporating the information that goes along with it. This one is a simple design, but is effective at the same time because it displays all the information they wanted and the graphics to illustrate it.

Love Like Woe

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Love Like Woe by The Ready Set

I loved how the person did this video with the lyrics on the screen. It flows with the pace of the song (when the song speeds up, so do the lyrics) and the different effects add interest and emphasis without being distracting. There are also parts where the effects illustrate what the lyrics are saying (an example being the words speeding by as its say “she’s a moving car”)

Tropical Smoothies

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I went to get a smoothie with one of my friends this week and  I really liked the inside look of the store. They made it look and feel like you were somewhere tropical and they had fun things, like this colorful table. It is a really simple design but it helps tie the theme of the store.


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Deadmau5 is a music artist and  is know for wearing a large mouse head while he performs. He has had many different mouse heads made, some in different colors, some with lights, and some that change colors. I always thought the different designs that were used to make the different mouse heads were cool and it definitely makes him stand out.

Look Twice

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This was a very interesting sculpture, called the Seeded Cathedral, and was done by Thomas Heatherwick. He used  more than 60,000 transparent rods. all of which encased  one or more seeds from China’s Kunming Institute of Botany. I like how it almost takes on two different appearances. Looking at it up close is totally different and gives off a different feeling than it does when you look at it as a whole.


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This was another advertising campaign that really stuck out to me. It was very simple, using bright colors to draw you in and silhouettes of people listening to their product. This advertisement allowed people to imagine themselves as the silhouette (since it was just a black figure) listening to the iPod. This is a good example of a very simple and very successful campaign.